Saturday, September 20, 2008

Getting Another Cat?

You might be thinking about getting another cat but it is not a decision to be made lightly. Many people get another cat not thinking through the decision all the way. Your neighbor or friends might be wanting you to take their cat, but before you cave in you need to consider several things.

1. Will your current cats accept your new cat? Cats can be very territorial, and a new cat in the house can upset a delicate balance that might take a long time to reestablish. You can't tell for sure how your current cats will accept a new cat until they actually meet. The best way to introduce new cats is to isolate them in a room for a few days so the cats can get used to new smells, and then after that only allow supervised interactions for the first couple of days.

2. Why is this person trying to get rid of their cat? Does this cat have a behavior problem you are not aware of? The number one reason cats are surrendered are due to behavior problems, like urinating on the bed and scratching furniture. If this cat does have a behavior problem are you willing to take the time to work with the cat in fixing this problem?

3. Do you have the financial capability to care for this cat medically? Veterinary bills can add up quickly especially for older cats. Before accepting a new cat be sure you consider your financial situation.

4. Do you have space for this cat, just considering litter boxes? Most cat experts recommend having one more litter box than you have cats. This means if you have three cats you need four litter boxes. Do you have room for four litter boxes?

5. Does this cat have any health issues? Many diseases are silent but deadly. Diseases like feline leukemia virus can be carried by seemingly healthy cats and can spread the disease to your cats. Before accepting new cats be sure to have their health status verified by a veterinarian.

Giving a new home to a cat that needs one is a great thing to do. But you need to make sure your situation is right for accepting a new cat into your house. By thinking through all these steps you can make the right choice.

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Mars Petcare U.S recalls possible contaminated pet food

There's a recall on pet food products Everson, Pa. The Mars Petcare U.S. announce that they are recalling dry pet products especially those dry pet .

Here:s the rest of the story...

pet food recalled
BEIJING, Sept. 15 (Xinhuanet) -- Mars Petcare U.S. has announced a voluntary recall of dry pet food products made at its Everson, Pa., facility because of possible salmonella contamination that could sicken both pets and their owners, according to media reports Monday.

The recalled products were made between Feb. 18 and July 29, it said in a statement.

"Even though no direct link between products produced at the Everson plant and human or pet illness has been made, we are taking this precautionary action to protect pets and their owners," it said.

The recall, according to media reports, has reached 31 states and various brands, which include items under the names Country Acres, Retriever, Doggy Bag, Members Mark, Natural, Ol' Roy, Special Kitty, Paws & Claws, Pedigree, Wegman's, Pet Pride, PMI Nutrition and Red Flannel.

However, Mars did not say which ones or how much food is involved.

The company stopped its production at its facility on July 29 when it was alerted of a possible link between dry pet food produced there and two isolated cases of people infected with Salmonella Schwarzengrund, according to its statement.

Health officials said salmonella can cause serious infections in dogs and cats, and, if there is cross contamination caused by handling of the pet food, in people as well, especially children, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Two legged dog

I was really impressed with this dog that only have two legs. It really inspired me a lot... Watch the vid and meet fate - the wonder dog.