Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sit, Stay, Fetch

Dogs aren't always just fun and games and enjoyable time. If you have a dog you must also count of barking, aggression towards other animals or even people, whining, growling, disobedience for commands and the list could go on endlessly. Having a disobedient dog can be an issue to you as an owner or to the others around you. For this reason, you need to take some measures and train your dog to be socially acceptable and to be the way it won't embarrass you in public. If you try the sit-stay-fetch method to train your dog, you will be amazed how fast your disobedient dog becomes an angel that you want to praise all the time.

The sit-stay-fetch method is a revolutionary training means that will change the unacceptable behavior of your dog and help you as a master be in charge of your dog. One of the main advantages of the sit-stay-fetch program is that it will have fast action and you will see your dog making progress by leaps and bounds. Did you think that you have to deal with your dog's chewing for the rest of your life and see how your pet chews your favorite clothes and shoes? Well think again. Thanks to the sit-stay-fetch technique, your dog will soon learn that it cannot simply chew anything, and it will concentrate on its chewing toys only.

If barking is an issue for you and your neighbors, and you have had many complaints so far, you don't have to worry about that anymore. You will be able to identify the reasons why your dog barks and put an end to this noise. Teaching your dog to sit still without barking can be easy with the sit-stay-fetch technique.

So, what is this sit-stay-fetch method about? Well, this is an obedience course for the dog owner that has issues with their pets. The course will let the animal owners know how to make the right things to make the dogs obedient. The sit-stay-fetch online book is easy to get and it is available for everyone for free. It will only take 6 days and you will see the difference after this course. You will enjoy the time spent with your dog and it will sit when you want it to sit, stay when you want it to stay and fetch the things you need, without chewing, barking or whining. This cutting edge method will teach both you and your dog who the boss is.

You will be amazed how easy it is to have a well trained dog and how to turn your dog into one. Forget about shouting and getting angry at your dog. The sit-stay-fetch method is a friendly approach that you will love and even your dog will get to like it. So, wouldn't you like a friendly dog that has learned how to behave properly in a short time?

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

The easy natural ways to protect your dog from fleas.

• Make use of vacuum cleaners to get rid of dust. Do not forget to seal the vacuum bags before you dispose them off.

• These parasites mostly breed on your dog's bed. You must clean the bedding once a week with warm soapy water.

• Use of a dog shampoo also helps in keeping the fleas away.

• Cedar made products are naturally flea repellent. Use cedar shampoo for your dog and also put cedar oil on their beds.

• A dogs dry skin attracts fleas. To keep their skin moist you should refrain from doing too much shampooing. Linatone oil in their food can also help.

• A mixture of brewer's yeast and garlic can be given in small doses to your pet. This creates a certain odor in pets, and seems to repel fleas.

• Fresh or dried pennyroyal leaves is also a natural flea repellent. Use this in carpets to avoid the abundance of fleas in your home. However, do not use it if you have small children around, as this could be toxic.

• You may also use a mixture of lavender oil and rock salt to bathe your dog and sprinkle it in the places where dogs usually prefer to rest.

• Marigolds can also be planted in your backyard as it keeps away fleas, as well as other certain kinds of bugs.

• You may also give your dog a quick bath in boiled lemon water or by using orange peels in the water. This can also be used for soaking your dogs bedding for a few hours before washing it with warm soapy water.

Remember that bathing your dog will only work if the infestation is low. In fact, these methods of keeping fleas away are only preventive in nature and wouldn't work well if the infestation level is too high.

There are number of commercially made products that are also available in the market. Let us take a look at them.

• Advantage: This is a product from Bayer having imidaclorid as the active ingredient. Advantage comes in liquid form and is applied on the dog's back. It quickly kills the fleas by breaking the nervous system of the fleas and its effect lasts for about a month. Although it is a liquid, it is safe for your dog as it does not get absorbed into its bloodstream.

Advantage also kills the flea larvae.

K9 Advantix: Also from Bayer, it has quickly become the favorite of veterinarians and dog owners. It is for dogs only. Its active ingredients are Imidacloprid and Permethrin. It kills fleas, mosquitoes, and ticks, including deer ticks and keeps working after swimming or bathing.

• Frontline Plus: Frontline is not much different from Advantage except that it is not soluble in water. The product can be used safely for your dogs and puppies. It is very efficient in repelling the fleas and its effect can last for over four months.

It contains Fipronil as its active ingredient.

Like Advantage, Fipronil also attacks the nervous system and causes instant death in about 24 hours. In spite of being highly toxic it is not harmful to your dog, unless your dog is not allergic to fipronil.

• Biospot: Biospot is meant for dogs only. It kills up to 75% of fleas and larvae and is also effective for mosquitoes. Biospot can temporarily alter the color of your pet's hair and make it appear yellowish. It contains permethrins and IGR and is effective for about a month.

• Knockout: Another effective product that is exclusively meant for dogs. Its active ingredients include Pyriproxyfen: 21 pyridine: 0.05% cyclopropanecarboxylate: 2%. It also contains NYLAR to control the flea growth.

• Proban and Prospot: Again exclusively and widely used for dogs. However these repellents only work when the fleas bite the dog as they are effective only after they are absorbed in the bloodstreams. You also need to remember that you are injecting a small quantity of poison into your dogs body and you may not even know the side effects. Also, if your dog is allergic to the flea bites these may not be the right products.

Fleas thrive during the summer as it is their breeding season. Commercial products are effective during this time, but it is always better to consult your vet before you actually begin to using these products on your dog.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Invisible Dog Fence and its Advantages

An invisible dog fence is a special wire buried on your property that ensures the dog does not go outside the safety of its home. Additionally, It helps dog owners make certain that their dogs will not bring upon any unplanned destruction to someone else's property.

Invisible dog fences are really plain. The wire moves a signal broadcasted from a tiny unit. The dog wears a unique collar that receives an electrical shock if it approaches the wire or goes across the fence. More precisely, these electrical signals are mostly zoned. When the dog crosses a warning zone anywhere close to the wire, it is going to hear a warning audio signal originating from the collar. If it gets even closer, it will receive a buzz from a small electrical impulse via the collar. These fences are simply modifiable and can be set up to satisfy any dog and any plan established by the owner, including the extensions of both the warning and the correction zones. Furthermore, the strength of the electrical impulse can be changed to match the size and character of the dog.

This electronic fence can efficiently retain dogs inside the owner's property and in addition help them get to know their boundaries. Upon taking a few shocks, the dog is automatically trained by the system to keep away from the boundaries of the property. Secondly, underground dog fences are very functional in the fact that they really do not take up any large property space. They are controlled by the collar the dog is wearing, and the designated areas the dog is allowed to stay in.

What is excellent about invisible fences is the fact that they can be wired and programmed to guard almost any sensitive area of your home which is prone to the playful mischief of your lively dog, such as gardens, swimming pools, driveways, fish ponds, flowerbeds and other important areas. The only problem with these invisible fences is that they cannot evade other people or animals trespassing onto your property.

Dogs must all the time be securely contained so that they won`t be teased or harmed by other animals or by children and so that they can`t break free. Invisible or electronic fence is one of the best alternatives, still, dog owners should also conduct a methodical research on every firm and each do-it-yourself kit to assure it satisfies their needs. In addition, they should keep the collar in working order and oversee the dog while it is outside.

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