Friday, September 16, 2005


BOWOW seeks articles about pets. We know that there are many writers out there that can be experts in their own little way. You don't have to be a law school graduate to get your articles published here. As long as you have the heart to help other pet lovers and you have the ability to convey your insight with words, you are qualified.


1. Your article will have it's own page here that will allow readers to comment messages regarding your article.
2. Readers will be able to easily email and share your article to their friends at the click of a button.
3. Promotion: Publishing your article here increases the likelihood that your article will be read by many pet lovers.
4. Eternality: Your advice will be permanently available to help other people. When your article is published, you will receive an email indicating that your article can already be seen here. We will try our best to keep this blog going to help more people in the future.

Commonly Rejected Articles:

1. We want to give readers golden information on how to take care of their pets or anything related to their pets. Our favorite articles are those that are able to focus on communicating a wealth of information in their article.
2. Advertisements and Testimonials are not accepted.
3. Teasers - We don't mind linking your article to other web pages, but a significant amount of helpful content must be provided in your article submission.


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